Design Builder

Design-Build is a construction delivery system where the owner contracts with one entity that is responsible for all designs and construction of the project. This system simplifies the project for the owner by creating a single contact point and sole source responsibility. This ensures that the owner’s desires are taken into account starting with the pre-planning and going all the way through to completion.

There are many benefits with this system.

  • Projects are completed for a fixed price, based on a scope of work. The owner is given a fixed price very early in the project, typically before designs are completed, thus eliminating the need to invest a large amount of money on designs only to find out the project is not affordable.
  • Because the Design-Build Contractor assembles and hires the team members a very cohesive team is put together. This oversight and collaboration leads to efficiencies in the planning, design and construction phases. It is due to these efficiencies that design-build is considered the most cost effective construction delivery system. Another result of these efficiencies is reduced project timeframes. The fast track nature of design-build gets owners into their buildings sooner.
  • The single contracting entity for the owner reduces risk by eliminating potential gaps in scopes from multiple contracts. It also reduces the owner’s time spent on the project by only needing to deal with one company. This leaves more time to focus on what is really important, running your business.
  • Because scopes are performance based not specification based, typically the performance levels are exceeded, increasing the level of quality, surpassing the owner’s expectations.